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Crafted with vision

Our goal with Sonny Floret is to continue to support our local growers as much as possible. My art and your floral needs will always be met with fresh, in-season flowers. And my hope is that you feel moved by them, that they evoke a natural state of elation within you. 

I take a lot of pride in my work and I want the people who I work with and the ones who are considering working with me to know that I am taking every detail into consideration. That their date is not just a date on my calendar, and that I’m fully focused on the outcome of their designs. That every element I create is crafted with clear vision.


From our initial design consultation to the day of execution, I make sure to lean into my clients desired design aesthetic while staying true to my creativity and expertise. 

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Sonny Floret Creative Director Kaitlyn Leupold

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