We Put Our Heart in Every Bouquet

Catch us cruising around town to build your own beautiful bouquet or reach out to us for personal deliveries and private events. Here to spread this happiness as far and as wide as I can, I'd love for you to be a part of it. 

Who We Are

Georgia’s Flower Truck is thrilled to offer a new way of experiencing the joy of flowers. Our goal is to utilize the freshest flowers available to us, leaning into local growers as much as we possibly can. The end result being a unique and individual hand-tied bouquet every single time.


We offer weekly bouquet delivery as well as an opportunity to catch us around the Lehigh Valley area in our most dope set of wheels. “Lo”,  as we lovingly call her, dedicated after our Mothers; Dolores + Joan Dolores is a super sweet 1959 Volkswagen Transporter Pickup Truck. Lo is a California girl who made her way to the East Coast and she is happy to be rooted here and to make your time with our flowers even more memorable. 


Due to the nature of supporting local growers and our want to be as sustainable as possible, our dormant season for flowers, events, and weddings is parallel to the dormant season of the flowers in our area. When they rest, we rest.


We believe in beauty, we believe in connection, we believe that life is meant to be simple and joyful, and we hope that by working with us, in any capacity, that you feel the same way. 

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